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The month of March, among other things, was very busy. i edited ten articles submitted as a journal special issue, three chapters of a biography, two chapters of an edited volume, three dissertation chapters, and a dozen smaller publications (reports, grant applications, final proofs, reviews, dissertation proposals, CVs). i took two weekend trips, continued attending two editing courses, wrote a conference paper. This post registers both my relief that the month is over (and i met most deadlines) and continued appreciation that this freelance work is in fact a viable work option.

April will be lighter, with further work on an edited volume, the Qur’an encyclopedia, one conference paper, a manuscript of transcribed lectures, another journal issue, and hopefully the formalization of this freelance work into a business proper. Every once in awhile i anticipate time to work on my own projects (three article drafts in disarray, reading lists, more broadly thinking ahead to fall PhD applications), but i’ll see how far i get. i find these days i’d rather go on a walk and dream about Alberta than try to read/write in any disciplined fashion.

On a different note, Alexander Key recently posted a helpful annotated bibliography on the topic of Arabic poetics. It’s a topic i find myself absolutely fascinated by though know very little about.


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