July 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

This summer I wanted to work on my Arabic and French, to read widely, to leave the city/get to know the rest of the province, and to find out if editing was a viable work option for life after grad school, not something i did on the side. The editing work is getting a cautious yes, combined with occasional renovations work. French was overly ambitious, but I’m doing two weekly online Arabic classes that give a good structure even if I haven’t developed my own regimen like I’d hoped. I haven’t yet touched the papers i wanted to revise for submission, but a fall conference in New York will give incentive enough for one of them. Left the city a few times. I’ve been working through a pile of articles I printed off in May, and otherwise have been reading novels and catching up on Breaking Bad. Anyway, I’m going to start posting the abstracts of some of the articles I get through, maybe with minimal commentary, as a shared record to track haphazard reading habits outside grad school. Ramadan kareem, with thoughts of Damascus this shahr al-nasr.


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