March 30, 2012 § 4 Comments

One reason I have been posting less frequently is because of the 220 past posts this web address has witnessed, into whose sequence any new words fall and with whom they must reckon. And i felt that unnecessary not least because of some of the posts themselves, whether because of the insufferable gravitas with which I at 22 announced the master-tropes of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam or just because of the volume of six years’ worth of confidences. Most of those posts have been saved for a later date, their archive though still doubly encrypted has been refashioned, and I approach this space again with the limited intention of posting more frequently.

Some lines from Mahmoud Darwish to start this off again:

كم انا
في الصباح ذبحت الى سوق يوم
الخميس. اشتريت حوائجنا المنزلية,
و اخترت اوركيدة و بعثت الرسائل.
بللني مطر فاملئت برائحة البرتقال.

How often
did I go in the morning to Thursday’s
market. I bought our house supplies,
and chose an orchid and mailed the letters.
A rain made me wet and filled me with the scent of oranges.

– from “Housework”/ تدبير منزلي .


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§ 4 Responses to Housework

  • adnan. says:

    What is a limited intention?

  • biqbal says:

    It means i’m learning not to make promises i won’t keep.

  • Dawud Israel says:

    So you have shied away from sharing your older posts? I would consider doing the same, but I think it shows readers continuity and growth, allowing them to do so as well. Real Islam lives in tadarruj.

    Now, I thought I would inform you, being a fan of your writing, I have backed up many of your older (now occulted) posts. What I shall do with them if your limited intentions fail…I do not know…

  • biqbal says:

    yeah, i still like much of the writing too but changed visibility settings on all posts before about a year ago. (real islam may well be lived in tadarruj but i don’t think of this site as a place to expose real islam, stage it for blog readers.)

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