January 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

In May i listed some forthcoming books. Some of those still aren’t out yet. Some new ones are rumoured to be in press but aren’t yet listed (Agrama’s Secular Paradox). But these do have dates listed:

  • Daniel Barber, On Diaspora: Christianity, Religion, and Secularity (Wipf and Stock, 2011)
  • Whitney Bodman, The Poetics of Iblis: Narrative Theology in the Qur’an (Harvard UP, 2011)
  • Giorgio Agamben, The Church and Its Reign (Seagull, 2012)
  • Kevin Newmark, Irony on Occasion: From Schlegel and Kierkegaard to Derrida and de Man (Fordham, February 2012)
  • Michael Naas, Miracle and Machine: Jacques Derrida and the Two Sources of Religion, Science, and the Media (Fordham, February 2012)
  • Peter Gratton, The State of Sovereignty: Lessons from the Political Fictions of Modernity (SUNY Press, February 2012)
  • Sherine Hamdy, Our Bodies Belong to God: Organ Transplants, Islam, and the Struggle for Human Dignity in Egypt (University of California Press, March 2012)
  • Nadia Abu El-Haj, The Genealogical Science: The Search for Jewish Origins and the Politics of Epistemology (University of Chicago Press, March 2012)
  • Ovamir Anjum, Politics, Law, and Reason in Islamic Thought: The Taymiyyan Moment (Cambridge UP, March 2012)
  • Mohammad Hassan Khalil, Islam and the Fate of Others: The Salvation Question (Oxford UP, March 2012)
  • Sherman Jackson, Sufism for Non-Sufis?: Ibn ‘Ata’ Allah al-Sakandari’s Taj al-‘Arus (Oxford UP, April 2012)
  • Ahmad Ahmad, The Fatigue of the Shari’a (Palgrave, April 2012)
  • Jean-Luc Nancy, Adoration: The Deconstruction of Christianity II (Fordham, May 2012)
  • Anna Korteweg and Jennifer Selby (eds), Debating Sharia: Islam, Gender Politics, and Family Law Arbitration (U of T Press, May 2012)
  • Philip Gorski et al (eds), The Post-Secular in Question: Religion in Contemporary Society (NYU Press, May 2012)
  • Samera Esmeir, Juridical Humanity: A Colonial History (Stanford UP, June 2012)
  • Khaled Furani, Silencing the Sea: Secular Rhythms in Palestinian Poetry (Stanford UP, July 2012)
  • Patrick O’Donnell, Advanced Dictionary of Islam: Jurisprudence, Theology, Mysticism and Philosophy (Continuum, August 2012)
  • John Bowen, The New Anthropology of Islam (Cambridge UP, October 2012)

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